Social Workers and the Treatment Team as partners with AMK.

Christopher Garofallou

Christopher Garofallou

By working in cooperation with the Pediatric Oncology departments at our partner hospitals, we are able to develop a team approach to helping the families.

Please be aware that although there are many families afflicted with many different types of illnesses, A Mother’s Kiss focuses solely on children with pediatric cancers.

Through our past experiences, we have found that the best source of information about a family in need is through their pediatric Social Workers and other members of the the Treatment Team.  We have formed very strong relationships with these compassionate professionals from all of the hospitals in our area that maintain pediatric oncology programs.

How do you apply for assistance?

If you or a family member need our help, please contact the child’s pediatric social worker or hospital representative.  They are very aware of our guidelines and protocols.  Naturally, you may also contact us directly and we will be happy to provide as much guidance as possible.  You can rest assured that all information about the child or family is held in the strictest of confidence.

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